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17.12.09   LANtastiña-2Speed and LANtastiña-3Speed systems are manufactured on the same platform as LANtastiña-3Speed.

05.03.09   Company starts launching LANtastiña-3Speed system (Telnet, HTTP, SNMP monitoring).

04.06.08   Company starts launching LANtastiña-2Speed system in monoblock version (RS232 monitoring)

20.10.07   Optical TeleSystems company sets up the largest campus network for Biosintez company.

01.03.07   Optical TeleSystems company starts launching LANtastica systems.

01.02.06   Optical TeleSystems company starts launching Gigabit Ethernet systems.

01.09.05   Company starts launching 4õ Å1 systems for mobile operators.

01.02.04   Company patents its ‘Hybrid Emission’ and ‘Super Avalanche’ technologies.

01.10.03   Company starts testing hybrid emitter (LED + laser) systems with maximum distance of 320 km in absolutely clear atmosphere and recommended distance of up to 2500 meters.

13.05.03   Company launches serial production of WO-E1/E2-OS systems for telecommunication providers.

13.03.02   Company starts commercial supply of WO-100M.

11.02.02   WO 100M preproduction activities.

01.06.01   Company starts commercial supply of WO-100ML (250 meters), WO-E1L (250 meters), WO-E1 (700 meters) systems.

02.01.01   Start-up: the first WO-100ML.

16.12.00   Start-up: the first WO-E1.

16.11.00   WO-E1 system prototype has been developed.

04.10.00   WO-100M system prototype has been developed.

20.03.00   Company starts developing FSO solutions for Fast Ethernet 100Base-TX networks (WO-100…).

10.04.99   Company starts developing FSO solutions for G.703 networks (WO-E).

05.01.99   Company starts commercial supply of WO-10MPD (1000 meters).

01.01.98   First serial batch of WO-10M is put into production. WO brand name is created.

01.01.97   Company issues single samples of improved wireless optics models (4 units with operating distances of 100 m up to 300 m).

01.01.96   First pilot wireless optics system has been installed at a distance of 50 meters (Russia, St.Petersburg).

01.01.95   Company starts R&D works on wireless optics communication systems for Ethernet 10Base-T networks with working distance of 500 meters.

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03 Nov 2015
New firmware release 4.6.14.
22 Mar 2011
Company releases user manual update for LANtastica-3Speed systems.
01 Mar 2010
LANtastica-2Speed systems built on a new hardware and software platform (IP monitoring, web interface, SNMP) are now available for order. Now functionality of LANtastica-2Speed systems is identical to that of LANtastica -3Speed systems minus GbE support.
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