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Ease of deployment, rapid payback (ROI), up to 10Gb/s, performance in a license-free field of frequencies. All mentioned above is provided by Free Space Optics (FSO) an independent class of telecommunication systems that uses modulated light waves to create a high-speed broadband data transmission channels between geographically spaced objects.

Currently FSO systems provide data, voice and video transmission in the line-of-sight zone at a speed of up to 1250 Mb/s without optical fiber-cable channeled.

The FSO systems produced under WO trade mark represent the optimal solution for organizations and operators interested in providing high-speed point-to-point connection at distances of up to 1500 m and dealing with any network protocols. These full-duplex optical connections do not require any license for construction works of communication network and no license for a frequency range usage.

All of our products realize the following technological transmission principle: the signal is received on the entrance and processed on the first physical level that enables operation with any network protocols. Next, this signal is transformed into beam of a light which is focused by means of special lenses and transmitted directly through atmosphere. The sources of light beams are laser diodes that generate near infrared radiation field (wavelength -780 nm). The part of the emitted beams is cumulated on the opposite side by means of receiving objective lens which also represents a lens system. This stream reaches the avalanche photodiode (APD) which has a low magnitude of threshold power (~ 0.3 nw). This shows that an insignificant amount of light beams is enough for the receiving lens to detect data easily. Thus, the transmission is completed with the return signal into an electrical environment.

FSO systems are an independent class of telecommunication products providing an optical communication at the speed of a light - Wireless Optics (WO) from the Optical TeleSystems company.


Products:LANtastica-3Speed system and LANtastica-2Speed system

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03 Nov 2015
New firmware release 4.6.14.
22 Mar 2011
Company releases user manual update for LANtastica-3Speed systems.
01 Mar 2010
LANtastica-2Speed systems built on a new hardware and software platform (IP monitoring, web interface, SNMP) are now available for order. Now functionality of LANtastica-2Speed systems is identical to that of LANtastica -3Speed systems minus GbE support.
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