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  • Wireless Connection the best solution for campuses

    Campus the term refers to a notation of a territory on which buildings and the objects located close to one another for common purposes. If we examine the maximal distance to the nearest neighboring building, in 99% of the cases it turns up to be not more than 1000 meters. When the information interchange is needed among users within the same building well, it is clear and easy. However, once the required information needs to be channeled to the next building the typical problems start to unfold, sometimes insuperable ones such as water barriers or railways and etc. The principal problem within the campuses is that information highways as a rule have on-way orientation. And to get connected from outside despite the apparent simplicity and closeness it sometimes is impossible or extremely unprofitable.

  • Weatherproof quality connection

    Our Wireless Optical Systems initially have been developed for severe weather conditions of Russia. The geography of conducted researches and tests is rather extensive. Every serially produced model has the standard prototype that is under close observation of experts and is in real mode exploitation in a natural weather condition of St. Petersburg. Eight years of experience gives us confidence to speak about high availability of all connection systems (99.7%-99.9%).

  • High reliability

    The key factors for development of any system are the time necessary to make optimal solutions and experience that concentrates the whole result into one. Therefore, speaking about reliability we truly mean these key factors that make definite sense by exploiting the equipment outside. Every element of the system has passed the necessary control and a sufficient amount of tests. It guarantees trouble-free functioning in fully automated mode for many years.

  • Strong safety

    All WO models use as a source of radiation laser diodes the class safety 1. Their radiation is absolutely risk-free to the health and does not require any measures of attesting agreement.

  • Productivity

    No other technology (wire or other) has such throughput capacity potential as the light. The throughput capacity of an optical communication channel keeps the data transmission speed well stable despite the channel's load.

  • Unlimited cover zone

    Models within the functioning distances of 250m-2500m can well resolve many problems one may face by today. And the use of retranslation removes any limitations on both: the remoteness and direct range of visibility.

  • Rapid installation

    Time is money. The preparation to create cable or radio connection can take several months and it may cost much more in the end. The Wireless Optical system can be installed within just few hours by two certified experts.

  • Mobility

    Serious investments in cable channels are indeed risky they will be lost when it comes to location change. The Wireless Optical communication system seems much more inviting on this background as there is no limitation on business information infrastructure change.

  • No rental fee

    The user needs information not the method of its delivery. As a rule it is used to be that one has to pay for information and plus for the cable (or radio) communication channel separately at that even to different companies and suppliers. Expenses on the Wireless Optical communication channel are proportionate to the cost of rent of the cable channel during the first year.

  • No radio frequency license required

    The radio communication is subject to licensing (up to 400GHz). The cable channeling outside the building would require considerable amount of organizations to coordinate with. The Wireless Optics can indeed free you from routine paper works that would again take time and money.

  • The noise free and resistant to others

    Due to light beam narrowness the Wireless Optical systems exclude any possible noise throughout mutual functioning and absolutely free from electromagnetic noise that does not reduce the throughput capacity at all. This factor plays a central role in a urban development conditions with high congestion of the air.

  • Real weatherproof performance

    Our systems fully meet the standard IP67 requirements perfectly resistant to the dust and wetness, totally waterproof. Applied galvanic and polymeric coverings guarantee the long lasting operating life of all of our systems under any severe weather conditions.

  • Full stealth mode

    Information interception in cable systems is possible on all extent of a line, especially when it passes out of the building. Radio communications can be simply listened to anytime through the atmosphere. Our systems do the job through the infrared diapason with narrow beam directionality that makes the interception a lot tougher.

  • Modernization

    Most of our systems make it easier for you to reset needed IP connection, speed or remoteness. And at that in many cases it would be enough to change the electronic unit only.

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03 Nov 2015
New firmware release 4.6.14.
22 Mar 2011
Company releases user manual update for LANtastica-3Speed systems.
01 Mar 2010
LANtastica-2Speed systems built on a new hardware and software platform (IP monitoring, web interface, SNMP) are now available for order. Now functionality of LANtastica-2Speed systems is identical to that of LANtastica -3Speed systems minus GbE support.
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