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21.01.08  LANtastika-3Speed.

Optical TeleSystems company sets off the new adaptive Gigabit wireless optical communication system LANtastika-3Speed testing. The system depending on the state of optical line picks up the optimum performance speed from 20, 200 up to 2000 Mb/s in an automatic mode and accordingly, sets the operation in the switching block Ethernet to which is connected. This enables a high throughput capacity provision of Gigabit Ethernet connection (2Gb/s) during 90-95% of time per year. In general weather conditions (snow, storm - 9-4% of time per year) the speed of Fast Ethernet connection is at 200Mb/s and the rest of the time is (about 1% of time per year) at 20Mb/s. The recommended distance is up to 2km. The initial provision of LANtastika-3Speed was in November 2008.

08.10.07   Campus network for Biosintez company

The company accomplished successfully one of the biggest projects in making cooperative wireless broadband network (Ethernet Class Connectivity) for Biosintez open society, Penza city

Ten of the Wireless Optical Fast Ethernet broadband channels (200Mb/s) have the office and industrial buildings connected to a combined network. The network has been created on the topology basis of double ring within 30 days. The covering total area - 1 square km. The factual speed and quality of the connection in wireless ring matches the structured cable network of administrative buildings.

12.04.07    LANtastika - the real performance in a real free space

For the first time in the world you can see the performance of a modern adaptive FSO system in a snow-charge condition. St. Petersburg. The Southwest. April 6, 2007. 18 hours and 17 minutes. Visibility is less than 150 meters. Distance line is 1250 meters. MPEG video. You may choose the needed video size: 15Mb čëč 8Mb

21.03.07   Intellectual wireless LANtastika

The company successfully accomplished tests and began to provide the noise free adaptive FSO broadband communication system model LANtastika.

The system is a brand new product in the laser communication market and puts the results together gained by the company during twelve years time of FSO system development and manufacture under the trade mark WO. The product is developed for the cooperative Ethernet systems and demonstrates the throughput capacity of 10/100 Mb/s which is picked up by the system depending on the optical line state. Adaptability allows to 'exchange' a pass-band for availability of a communication channel. For adaptability maintenance the superfluous ciphering against interception had to be applied on the code basis of Rid-Solomon. The development tendency of modern communication technologies that are realized in ADSL and WiMAX productions, consisting of intellectual fine tuning of characteristics of communication channels depending on the state of physical environment, paid tribute to the laser communication products manufactured by Optical TeleSystems. It should be taken notice of that initially, they were realized in the FSO products of Russian company. During the development of LANtastika the interests of communication Ethernet users were take into account concerning the optimization of 'price/quality' parameters that allows to apply the given products to a wide range of users who need to provide the wireless broadband connections between territorially spaced sectors of their networks. At that, the recommended distances of LANtastika is from 1km up to 2km and defined by optical line features.

06.05.06   The Wireless Gigabit Ethernet at SvyzExpokomm 2006

From 10th to 13th of May in the frame of SvyzEzpokomm 2006 exhibition taking place at the Expocentre of the Red Presna (Moscow) there will be exhibited a new serial model of Wireless Optics WO-1000 performing at a standard of Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-T. The equipment can be introduced on the stand of the company Aspencom, Location map

07.02.06    Wireless Gigabit and no license requirements for frequency uses

For the first time in Russia there has started a serial production of the wireless communication system - Gigabit Ethernet.
NPK Catharsis has announced the release of model WO-1000M performing at the standard of Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-T. It exceeds the possibilities of WiFi over 100 times. The recommended distance is up to 500 m.
Some of the clients who had installed the FSO WO-100 system (Fast Ethernet) earlier on have already started modification up to 1Gb/s. The new model gives a great deal of possibilities to operators and clients during realization of broadband connection between points of presence of the fiber-optical terminations in their basic networks and nearby residential buildings. It allows to provide100Mb/s channel strip into every apartment without overloads and capacity reduction.

29.11.05   The WO system at the VKSS-2005 exhibition

The scientific-production company Catharsis is inviting you to attend the exhibition ‘Departmental and corporate communication networks’ (VKSS-2005) that will take place from 7th to 10th of December 2005 in the Atrium Complex Guest Garden (Moscow city).

03.05.05     Ekspocom-connection-2005

From 10th to 14th of May 2005 in Moscow, there will take place an exhibition ‘Ekspocom-connection-2005’ at the exhibition complex Ekspocentre of the Red Presna. On the stand FC09 in the pavilion Forum one may see the FSO WO systems and meet with the production representatives.

27.01.05     WO-E1-OC4 in GSM networks

WO system was tested for the first time in Kemerovo city by the operator of cellular communication.
The complete set of WO-E1-OC4 is installed at a distance of 1000 m to organize corporative data transmission network of the cellular communication operator Cellular Telephone Kuzbassa GSM.

20.01.05     WO systems in Lensvjazi networks

In December 2004 the contract has been signed between NPK Catharsis and Open Society Telecom to supply with the wireless optical communication channel system. The first two complete sets of WO-100M-T4 and WO-E2-OC3 were provided to Northwest Telecom to use in the networks of the branch Lensvjaz in Leningrad region in December 2004.

18.10.04     An exhibition InfoCom-2004 connection, Telecommunication, Electronics, Ekaterinburg city 19-22 October 2004

Ekaterinburg city, 19-24 October 2004 (The palace of pastime sports)
On the stand of our partner ‘The Bureau of deliveries and communications’ you can see the modern WO system.

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03 Nov 2015
New firmware release 4.6.14.
22 Mar 2011
Company releases user manual update for LANtastica-3Speed systems.
01 Mar 2010
LANtastica-2Speed systems built on a new hardware and software platform (IP monitoring, web interface, SNMP) are now available for order. Now functionality of LANtastica-2Speed systems is identical to that of LANtastica -3Speed systems minus GbE support.
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