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11.02.02    Navigation changes in the system

Along with the release of new models, the serial production of the simplified version of the precise system navigation with a link of axes (CH PRO) is adjusted. From the 4th quarter 2001, the production and delivery of the models that equipped with (console) system navigation (excluding WO-10ML) is stopped.

11.02.02    Preparation for the WO-100M production

The NPK Catharsis is going to start a serial production of the model WO-100M including for the distance of 500m.The preliminary orders are being received.

03.12.01    The site is updated completely

Together with the start of presentation of VKSS specialized site that dedicated to the Wireless Optics is updated completely.

22.11.01    Presentation of WO system at the exhibition hall of VKSS 3-6th of December 2001

Moscow city, the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VDHX), the Exhibition ‘Departmental and corporate communication networks’, hall ¹57, the stand ¹A6-4. NPK ‘Catharsis’ welcomes all to the exposition where the equipment for the creation of the Wireless Optical communication system channel will be presented. The equipment will be on constant performing mode. Here it will be possible to review all models with perspectives and plans for the future, the marketing programs of the company, supplied equipment support and if you wish, you may make a preliminary order. We welcome all who wishes to know us better.

01.06.01    WO-100ML, E1L, E1 are available.

The beginning of the commercial supply of the system – WO-100ML (250m), WO-E1 (250m), WO-E1 (700m).

02.01.01    WO-100ML ¹1 system start-up

The beginning of the experimental exploitation of the system WO-100ML ¹1 (St. Petersburg).

16.12.00    WO-E1 ¹1 system start-up

The beginning of the experimental exploitation of the system WO-E1 ¹1 (Orenburg region).

09.12.00    Certification in Telecommunication system is commenced

On the instructions of the Management of certification of the Ministry of Communications of Russia ¹ ÓÑ/3-00-1325, the systems WO are sent for certification to - IL TSR SPb GUT. The certificates of ‘Telecommunication’ for all WO models – expected to be received at the end of 2001.

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