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29.01.03    Telecommunication system series new features

NPK Catharsis is pushing up the indicators of maximum range for the telecommunication system series. At present, WO-E1-1500 reached the maximum range of 20km, WO-E2-1000 - 15km in a clear atmospheric condition. For the purpose of increase in channel availability indicators, the recommended distances remain unchanged.

02.12.02    Exhibition 'Internet. Office equipments. Connection-2002'. Perm. 2-6th of December 2002

2-6th of December in Perm at the exhibition ‘Internet. Office equipments. Connection-2002’ (Specialized exhibition hall - the ‘Perm fair’ to the address- boulevard of Gagarin, 65) On the stand of our partner ‘Bureau of delivery and communications’ Ekaterinberg) there can be viewed new productions of FSO manufactured by NPK Catharsis.
In the frame of exhibition on the 5th of December from 10am-11am, there a seminar ‘The equipment of the last mile’ is to take place.
(The reporter – the Bureau of delivery and communication, Ekaterinburg), that an application of FSO systems manufactured by the NPK Cathrsis will be reviewed.
You are welcome to attend the seminars and the stand ‘Bureau of delivery and communication’.

26.11.02    Exhibition 'Connection and an Information Technology'. Ufa. 26-29th of November 2002

In Ufa from 26th to 29th of November 2009 (VDNX) on the stand of our partner ‘ Telecom Option’ there can be reviewed the FSO systems manufactured by NPK Catharsis.

14.11.02    Novelties in telecommunication series

The NPK Catharsis has expended the line of the system for the communication companies. It is now available three new models of the WO-E1-1200 (1200m), WO-E1-1500 (1500m), WO-E2-1000 (1000m). As an option to all communication models there is an availability of their complete set of operating functions (station power adaptor, expanded diagnostics, navigation without connecting with active ports of the communication system).

16.09.02    Sib-Connection Exhibition, Internet, Sib-safety 2002, Novosibirsk cit

Novosibirsk city. 17-20th of September 2002. On the stand of our partner ‘Information Networks and Telecommunication’, there can be reviewed the FSO products WO.

12.09.02   Telecommunication Connection Electronics Safety Exhibition. Ekaterinburg city

Ekaterinburg city. 17-20th of September 2002. (the palace Uralmash, Festivalnaia street 12). On the stand of our partner ‘Bureau of delivery and communication’ there can be reviewed the FSO production WO and taken part in the seminar dedicated to the Wireless Optical technologies.

20.08.02    Price reduction! A meter of the channel for less than $4!

From the 1st of September the company ‘Catharsis’ announces the unprecedented price reduction on all produced models of the FSO communication systems. Now, a meter of throughput capacity channel of 10Mb/s is less than $4 and the Wireless modem with the same quality of Optical fiber connection – less than $500!

29.07.02    WO-10MPD at the factory of recycling of the chemical weapons in the Saratov region

During realization stage of the federal project of the chemical weapon utilization in the built factory of recycling of the chemical weapons (Saratov region) for creation of the automated meteorological control service of environment condition, there has been chosen WO-10MPD system manufactured by the NPK Catharsis. The installation and launching process of the system to deploy ‘with key’, was invented by the experts of our company. The wireless Optical communication channel conducts information transmission from the stationary laboratory in the territorially remote processing centre between two sectors of local network Ethernet.

25.06.02    Siemens admitted the FSO system WO

The company Catharsis conducted a delivery, the design and setting the FSO system WO-E1 for the Moscow delegation of the company Siemens. The realized project enabled us to connect the users of the two territorially remote ATE (30 digital telephone channels) and additionally have an access to the network Internet. The customer choice, in favor of the WO manufactured by NPK Catharsis has been made after all-round analysis of other offers on the FSO market.

20.05.02    The beginning of a serial production WO-E1 up to 1km!

The testing of the prototype model family of WO-E1xx (for the G.703 networks) with the performing distance of 1000 meters, was successfully accomplished. Based on the received positive outcomes, the NPK Catharsis launched the serial production of the given model. The commercial indication of the model is WO-E1PD.

30.04.02    Expocomm-Connection 2002 Exhibition

The NPK Catharsis represents the system for the organization of Wireless Optical communication channels on the exhibition ‘Expocomm-Connection 2002’. The exhibition will take place from 13th - 17th of May in Moscow, the exhibition complex at the Krasnaia presna, the hall ¹1, stand ¹1621. We welcome all who wish to review the offered system and receive information on all spectrum of serially produced WO systems. At the stand, there will be represented the model WO in constantly operating mode. The experts of our company, performing at the stand, will answer to all your questions and give any information about our FSO systems and their practical application.

13.03.02    Certificates on Telecommunication is granted!

As results of successful tests, in the accredited certification centre of the Ministry of Communication of the Russian Federation, the certificates for the communication systems of model WO-E1 and WO-10MPD were granted.

13.03.02    WO-100M production

The complex testing of a new model of WO-100M (500m) was accomplished. The model is available for sale.

07.03.02   Production of equipment format E2 is commenced

Catharsis company is commencing the production of a new line of synchronous E2 format equipment (120 telephone lines). The equipment is protocol-free and allow to transmit and signal through HDB3 and AMI coding. The first sample of a new series will be available in the beginning of April. Preliminary order is available.

26.02.02   Specification by Telecommunication certificates

The Telecommunication testing in the system of certification is over. The registration of certificates is under way. It is expected to be received – the middle of March.

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