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12.10.04    WO systems in mobile communication networks

11th October 2004 NPK Catharsis announces the end of the first stage of testing the WO in the Megaphone network mobile communication operator.
At a distance of 750m the Wi-Fi zone was connected utilizing WO-10M-TC4 to the main network access point by the employees of the department of new technologies and the Northwest branch Megaphone Open Society service.

16.09.04   Conference 'The FSO communication channels NPK Catharsis'

23-24th of September there will be conducted a seminar on the subject ‘The FSO communication channels NPK Catharsis’ in the Blue conference-hall of the St. Petersburg hotel. The representatives and the experts of the companies will take part in the seminar who represent the WO systems within the territory of Russia and near foreign countries and so the representatives of fixed-line and mobile communication operators.

21.05.04   WO-E1-xxx certification

The re-certification of the model WO-E1-xxx series is complete. The electronic copy of the certificate USSR ¹ OC/1-CP-985 by 09.03.2004 is in the folder Document. The period of validity of the document is 3 years

29.04.04     Expocomm communication Exhibition - Moscow 2004, 11-15th of May 2004

From 11th to 15th of May 2004 Moscow, the exhibition Expocomm communication – Moscow 2004 is to take place in the exhibition complex Expocentre at the Red Presna.There is NPK Catharsis on the stand – pavilion 7, hall 4, stand 7402. There as well, can be viewed the WO systems 2004.

14.04.04    FSO system WO-1000.

It was made and sent to the customer Jubileinaia WO-1000.
The set 10M-TC1 has been sent to the Bureau of cadastre, Taganrog city.

05.04.04     XIth specialized international exhibition TIBO-2004 Minsk city 06-09th of April 2004

Minsk city, 27 Kupala street, exhibition pavilion, 06-09th of April 2004.
There on the stand of our representative can be viewed the WO model system 2004.

Welcome to the stand of the company Belsof.

19.02.04    New technologies - Hybrid Emission and Super Avalanche

NPK Catharsis the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of FSO has completely updated the wireless optical communication system WO (E1/E2, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet), since January 2004. The latest patented NPK Catharsis of the Hybrid Emission technology and Super Avalanche can provide at the maximum distance of 320 km in absolute clear atmospheric conditions (0dB/km). The Hybrid Emission technology can emit a unique radiation, taking full advantage of incoherent and coherent wide spectral light emitting diode, narrow spectral laser with different angular variables and the wavelengths. Super Avalanche technology enabled to exclude completely a flare during the highest energy charge in wide working conditions under temperature -50°C:+50°C and an external light noise. The combination of these technologies enabled to have such impressive characteristics of availability and range. Selection of the needed system for a definite distance is made by means of applied diagrams depending on the customer’s accessibility of communication channel requirements (from 0.9 up to 0.999 and higher).

09.02.04    Information Technology Exhibition. Connection. Safety. 2004 Petrozavodsk 18-20th of February 2004

Petrozavodsk, 18-20th of February 2004 in ‘The Art Palace’ (Petrozavodsk, Krasnaia street, House 8) the exhibition ‘Information Technology. Connection. Safety. 2004’ is to take place. On the stand of our partner the company Notice, there can be viewed new models of WO systems. In the frame of the conference Telecommunications(chair ¹5, ground floor) there will be given a lecture ‘Wireless Optical communication channels – economical and rapidly deployable solutions for extending the Ethernet, E1.

30.11.03    International conference - Wireless Ukraine-2003

Kiev city, Ukraine. 25-26th of November 2003, in the Palace ‘Ukraine’ has been conducted the first International conference ‘Wireless Ukraine-2003’. In the frame of partnership between the organizers of the conference and NPK Catharsis there was introduced the WO system and made a speech about the perspectives of the FSO technology development.

09.09.03    Exhibition 'Info-communication of Russia - XXI century' Ekaterinburg city 9-12th of September 2003

Ekaterinburg city, 9-12th of September 2003 (The palace of pastime sports Uralochka)
On the stand of our partner ‘The bureau of delivery and Communication’ (stand ¹17) there can be viewed the new WO systems.

13.05.03    Special offer for the communication operators

Specially for the communication operators there was developed and launched the infrared optical communication systems WO-E1-OCx (maximum distance of (0dB/km) 30 000m under clear atmospheric conditions) and WO-E2-OCx (maximum distance of 20 000m under clear atmospheric conditions). The new models differ with availability 99.9%, possible power supply 220 VAC and 48 VDC and wide service functionality.

12.05.03    Exhibition 'Expocomm-communication-2003' Moscow city 12-16th of May 2003 .

The exhibition ‘Expocomm-communication-2003’ has started work in the exhibition complex of Krasnaia Presna. The FSO systems manufactured by the company NPK Catharsis can be viewed on the stands of the company Aspencom and Micromaxcompany.

26.03.03    Exhibition TIBO-2003 Minsk city 01-04th of April 2003

Minsk city, 27 Kupala street, exhibition pavilion, 01-04th 0f April 2003. On the stand of our representative of the company Belsoft (stand A4) can be viewed the FSO systems manufactured by the NPK Catharsis. In the frame of thematic seminars of the company Belsoft which take place on the 2nd of April 2003 at 16:40, there will be given a speech on the subject - ‘Wireless Optical solutions for the mobile communication operators and corporative networks’.

Welcome to the seminar and the stand of the company Belsoft.

11.03.03    Exhibition Ural-Info-Com. Connect. Ufa city 11-14th of March 2003

Ufa city, 11-14th of March 2003. On the stand of our representative of the company Option Telecom there can be viewed the FSO systems manufactured by NPK Catharsis.

11.03.03    Exhibition 'Information Technologies'. Connection. Safety. 2003' Saratov city. 11-13th of March 2003

Saratov city, 11-12th of March 2003. On the stand of our representative of the company Info-Tel, there can be viewed the FSO systems manufactured by NPK Catharsis.

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